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Print Sale!
anna leigh clem
Jun 11, 2019
I am excited to announce that this fall I will be relocating to the Boston area to pursue my MFA at Lesley University. While sorting through my possessions, I have gathered together framed prints from exhibitions I've had over the last seven years and have put them in my shop at a discounted price. Profits will help fund the big move! The prints will be for sale through June 30th.

Thank you for all your kindness and support through the years. I have always been rather fearful of change, but happy to admit that I'm looking forward to these next steps.
     Anna Leigh Clem, STORE

Anna Leigh Clem

Anna Leigh Clem is a photo-based artist working with book arts, text, video, sculpture, and other media to explore and portray her longings for innocence and connection with the natural world.
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