Teenage years are laden with fear, wonder, and self-doubt. In attempt to dissect that strange age as well as cope with my own bittersweet nostalgia, I have put together my first publication.

To be oneself completely


I am able to gain a greater perspective of my surroundings by creating and examining the resulting photographs. With the camera as my tool and nature as my guide, I can see myself from the outside! This project is about being oneself completely, authentically, truly. How can it be done? Or, can it be done?

It will become something


I was born an observer. In the years since, I have gathered my feelings and surroundings to excess. I now attempt to sort my gatherings so that maybe I can understand. Together, it will become something. Together, we will find ourself. She has inspired me.

I walk to break free of the fear.


My accordion book I walk to break free of the fear. is an illustration of inner mind as sanctuary in the form of a walking meditation. Even inside myself, where I can hide away and be free, I am tormented by fear, anxiety, and guilt. Perhaps there is no sanctuary to escape to, even within the world that I have created for myself.

Anna Leigh Clem

Anna Leigh Clem is a photo-based artist working with book arts, text, video, sculpture, and other media to explore and portray her longings for innocence and connection with the natural world.
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